About kunstdurchblättern

Kunstdurchblättern is german for art browser. Kunst means art, blättern means leaves or leafing, and durch means through.

Kunstdurchblättern is an experiment. I built it because i'm not satisfied with the art websites out there, and because I don't like to complain, so I guess kunstdurchblättern is a compilation of what the others left out.

Not as if there aren't any good art websites out there. The metropolitan has some great essays (and its time line's not bad), but it lacks big pictures, as do most of the museum websites here in the west. They seem to be scared that if they show too much art too well, nobody will be able to tear themselves away from the computer screen (or the printer, for that matter) and come and visit their precious museums, but if you ask me, the opposite is true: show anybody who is slightly interested in rembrandt a good close view of any of his paintings, and they'll storm the museums to see the real thing. (I dare say the rijksmuseum is an exception to the rule.)

The wikipedia, more specifically wikimedia, comes closest to what is needed, but the wikipedia is built like an encyclopedia, and is better for learning about the artists, about their art, or about how or why they painted. This can be quite interesting, and sometimes it even interests me, but most of the time I want to look at the pictures, and when I've finished looking at the one picture, I want to look at the next, and I don't want to have to follow a trail of breadcrumbs back to where I started, just to click back down the tree in order to see the next picture.

Since flickr and a great number of photoblogs changed the way photographers look at and use the internet it is only a question of time until the same thing happens to the online art world, and if kunstdurchblättern has any other purpose than to help people browse through art, then it is to tender the flames that are licking at the foundation of that which is known as the modern art scene.